Welcome to the Kundert SA website, a precision cutting and turning business!

Since its foundation in Bassecourt in 1975, the Kundert SA family business has mainly focussed on the watch making sector, continually improving its expertise in order to respond better to our customers' needs.

Our technical equipment is able to satisfy the most complex requests!

At our factory facility we process any material from 5 to 51 cm in diameter!

Add value to your ideas!

Entrust your projects to us! We are ready to put our know-how at your disposal for making any prototype with the minimum delay.

Cutting turning milling

Need high precision parts?

♦Capacity for 5-axis turning or milling up to 51 mm

♦Materials handled by our machinery:

 (brass ¤ steel ¤ titanium ¤ carbon fibre ¤ precious materials ¤ stainless steel ¤ aluminium ¤ ARCAP alloys ¤ silver ¤ bronze-beryllium ¤ gold).

At present we have about ten machines for cutting, milling and turning and we can carry out precision work up to 65 mm.

Chemical mechanical polishing of your parts can be polished or smoothed on request

We can also take care of subcontracting work for surface treatment such as

♦ Nickel-plating

♦ Gold-plating

♦ Colouring





Small and middle-size series

Thanks to our operational flexibility, we have the capacity to supply you from  a prototype to a run of 100,000 parts.


A means of control tailored to the precision world of watchmaking

We are equipped with a 3D optical control system. Thanks to an integrated camera this system allows us to inspect all the parts that we make for the tiniest detail without having to handle the part itself. Controlling the geometries of the parts and the surfaces in this way guarantees the quality of our work.

The techniques applied through our know-how and the level of training received by our staff ensure high quality testing.







We  make the following parts among others :

♦ Rings

♦ Diamond flanges with feet in the weight

♦  Shaped flanges

♦ Tooled flanges

♦ Counter segments

♦ Ornamental segments

♦  Plain dials

♦  Casing rings

♦ Oscillating weights

♦  Bezels

♦  Jewellery

♦  Bottoms

♦  Middles


Practical information